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Wimberley MonoGimbal Head MH-100 with PO-130 Pouch

Wimberley MonoGimbal Head MH-100 + PO-130 Pouch

Buy The Wimberley MonoGimbal Head & Pouch together save £2.00 + free delivery

By mounting the lens and camera sideways there is less chance of it all wanting to pull itself forwards as the total weight is more evenly balanced by the gimbal head.

Also because the lens and camera are centrally balanced, panning and tilting becomes much simpler.

You don’t have to lean the monopod backwards and forwards when tracking your subject up and down.

It has been designed and constructed to handle many maintenance free years of use.

The MonoGimbal Head is capable of handling any lens with a rotating collar with the limiting factor being the strength of your monopod.

The product information sheet has all the details and specifications so please download the pdf below.


Product Information Sheet:


Excellent MonoGimbal Review on YouTube here from Steve Perry >>>