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Customer Testimonials

For over 38 years we have sold the highest quality photographic products that we know and trust, at the same time giving our customers a professional and friendly shopping experience.

The comments and genuine testimonials below hopefully reflect that.

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Let me start by summing up my experience of dealing with Bob; if every business operated the way that Bob does, then the world would be a better, less frustrating place!

I was looking to buy a Wimberley head, and having never used one, I was very cautious about making the necessary investment. Having found Bob via a google search, I called him to talk about my planned purchase and ask for some advice.
I didn’t for one minute expect that he would send me over a head to try out before I parted with any money (in fact he sent me two - one Wimberley, and a different make of head so I could compare them). This pretty much sums up my experience with Bob. He goes above and beyond to help his customers.

He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and generally just a very nice man to deal with. His pricing is also very competitive against other suppliers.

Following my initial experience with Bob, I have gone on to order more products from him, and he will be my first port of call when I next need some photographic equipment.

Thank you Bob, so many other businesses could learn a lot from you.

Dan - Derbyshire

“Having spoken to you regarding the Wimberley Gimbal Head and the Nikon lens I would be using, you advised me on both the head and the plate needed. You said that you would forward the head so I could evaluate it myself. To my great surprise I received the head delivered by DPD at noon the following day and the head was everything that you had led me to believe.

After a full afternoon evaluating it I had no hesitation in purchasing it.

If all customer service was half as good as the service you provide, who not only advised me but kept me informed about delivery, including return of the head if it did not meet my expectations or requirements, we would have far less dissatisfied customers when purchasing goods. A top quality product from a top quality man.”

J. Skillen - United Kingdom

“Bob Rigby Photographic returned the 2 Wimberley tripod heads I sent for repair in a matter of days. Not only had the repairs been carried out to my complete satisfaction the heads had been serviced as well.

I can thoroughly recommend their very professional service which came at a very reasonable cost.”

R. Gilbert - Keswick

“For some time I had been trying to figure out how to buy an Acratech ballhead in Europe. The Acratech webshop and most resellers do not ship overseas. Fortunately, I finally found Bob Rigby’s webshop. My country was not on the list but they quickly added it and I made my order. The service was fast and friendly and efficient and the product arrived as promised.

The first hands-on experiences with the Acratech Nomad have been very positive - it is a sturdy and high quality ballhead even though it is very lightweight. The gimbal feature is excellent for cameras with long lenses.

I heartily recommend the services of Bob Rigby and the quality of the Acratech equipment.”

Bamce Fabricius - Finland

“Having being forced through injury to find lighter photographic equipment for landscape use especially, I found Bob Rigby through the Acratech dealers section.

Having been involved in machine design for many years and never have I come across such knowledgeable, wonderful and friendly customer service from both Bob and Acratech.

Any machine produced for public use takes much refining through its process from the prototype to the finished article and often it’s field testing that spots the small defects, as no machine is perfect, especially when designed for multi-use, as the Acratech GP Ball-head is. However this head especially, is way ahead of any other for my situation, even machinery for multi-applications never will be as efficient as one for single use. Also in my opinion it is time that more should be done regarding standardisation in the DSLR world and Acratech’s ideas of the safety Detent pin could be sold on licence to other companies to make camera and lens plates, lens collars and feet a standard.

I cannot recommend Bob Rigby highly enough for his choice of quality equipment, customer service and knowledge of the equipment he sells and only wish that I had found him some years ago.”

Drew Aitken

“It has been such a pleasure dealing with you, to be able to compare products at home in order to choose the correct one to buy has been so valuable to me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to contact you for purchase and assistance with any of the products that you supply. The quality of product is far better than the standard fare on offer from other suppliers, and over the years I have tried quite a few.”

Andy Peck

“Service from Bob Rigby was excellent. Fast, efficient and helpful. Was struggling to decide between standard clamp and lever clamp for GPSS ballhead and Bob kindly sent me both to compare. Once I had the opportunity to test the standard clamp - I found that the action is so quick, positive and easy that I could not see a benefit in the lever version. It also keeps the bubble level visible even with camera mounted and is lighter than the lever version. I could not have easily made this decision without Bob’s help and would always have wondered if I had made the right choice.

Very happy with the purchase - quality is excellent and fully featured as well as very lightweight. Before I had the product the panoramic levelling feature interested me but I was concerned it may be impractical in real use and more of a gimmick as I could not find any online reviews showing it being used - but it certainly is not just a gimmick. It is quick and easy to changeover and works very well. Highly recommended and thanks to Bob Rigby for outstanding service.”