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Acratech Nodal Rail 1135

Adjust and position your lens nodal point for accurate stitched panoramic images

The Acratech Nodal Rail is a nodal slide, designed to adjust your camera’s position front to back, thereby enabling positioning of the nodal point on your lens over the center of rotation.

This allows you to create accurate stitched panoramic images.

The Acratech nodal rail also features adjustable stops that can be preset to the nodal point of your two favorite focal lengths.

Nodal Rail Features:

  • Easily holds over 25 lbs (11.4kg)
  • Clamp indexes 90 degrees to accommodate lenses with tripod collars.
  • Weighs less than ½ lb (.2) kg
  • Precision C.N.C. machined
  • Beautiful satin black anodized finish
  • Laser engraved scale markings
  • Solid precision feel
  • Long lasting stainless steel hardware