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Wimberley Module 4 Macro Arm

Positionable Arm

Wimberley Module 4 Macro Arm

Normal Price £ 127

The M-4 Macro Arm Module is one component of the Wimberley Modular Flash Bracket System.

The Macro Arm Module is comprised of two double ball and socket arms that lock positively and offer an almost endless variety of flash positions.

It is used in conjunction with the Quick-release Arm module (M-1) to form the F-2 Macro Bracket.

The F-2 Macro Bracket is an extremely versatile bracket that attaches to most Arca-Swiss style lens plates, allowing you to use an off-camera flash unit.

This bracket requires the use of an off-camera shoe cord or wireless adapter recommended by your camera manufacturer (not available through Wimberley).

Mod 4 Specifications:


  • (Overall L x W x H): 11.0 X 2.36 X 1.27 in


  • 12.1 oz


  • Powder coated marine grade Aluminum, stainless steel fasteners, rubber