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Wimberley Ground Plamp PP-400

A strong, useful articulating arm to hold macro subjects and other useful objects.

The New PP-400 Ground Plamp is an articulating arm used to hold macro subjects and other useful objects.

The stake is inserted into a variety of ground types and held by the pipe sheath connected to the arm.

The other end (with the smaller black clip) grasps the object you wish to hold

Common Uses for The Ground Plamp:

  • Change the orientation of your subject to make an impossible camera angle into an easy one.
  • Hold reflectors, diffusers, and small lighting units.
  • Steady wind-blown plants for ambient light photography.
  • Move your subject so that it is in front of a desired background.
  • Move distracting background or foreground elements out of the way.
  • Move desirable background or foreground elements into the picture.
  • Make small adjustments to the angle of your subject to align it with the film plane.
  • Move your subject to isolate it from distracting background or foreground elements.
  • Hold a small shade to block light from hitting your lens and causing flare.
  • Move your subject into the desired position for lighting. (i.e. back lighting, side lighting, and front lighting).

Using Reflectors and Diffusers

The Ground Plamp will hold 12” reflectors and diffusers in any position without problems.

20” reflectors, which are generally held in a relatively vertical position and not fully cantilevered out, can be held and positioned confidently with a single Ground Plamp.

20” Diffusers can be cantilevered above your subject using one Plamp, however it is pushing the limits of the Plamp’s holding capacity.
It might take some experimentation to find a position that will hold.
Aggressively bending the joints of the Plamp back and forth until they start making a louder squeaking noise will temporarily increase the holding power of the Plamp.

For diffusers larger than 20” in diameter we suggest using Two Plamps.
(Two Ground Plamps or a Ground Plamp and a Plamp II clamped to the Ground Plamp)

Ground Plamp Specifications


  • 10.2 oz (290g)

Maximum Extended Length:

  • 27 inches (68.58 cm)

Dimensions (Sheathed):

  • (L x W x H): 12” x 6” x 1.5”

Product Information Sheet: