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Contact methods:

We will have a contact form here shortly so you can contact us directly via the website.

In the meantime please either telephone or email ...

Telephone: Monday - Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm - 07775 845854


If you are on a mobile you can just click the phone icon at the top of any page and call us direct without having to fill in the whole phone number, ain’t technology great !

Mailing List:

You can sign at the checkout to our mailing list so we can inform you of any special offers or new products.

Our emails will be fairly infrequent so we promise your inbox will not be bombarded daily or even weekly like many do, we hate that too !

More likely to be no more than six a year ...

We use Mailchimp to send our mailers so you can be certain your email info is secure and you will not be added to any spam lists, we for certain will never share or sell any email addresses, we hate spammers as much as anyone else.

If you try it and later decide to unsubscribe you can do that directly via the email and the Mailchimp system will remove you permanently.

If you have any problems please contact:, thanks.