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Bob Rigby Photographic are the official Importers & Distributors of GimPro products in the UK & Europe.

GimPro Single Pano Head

Single Pano Head

The GimPro Pano Head delivers stability and versatility in a low slung package


  • Designed to be used in conjunction with the GimPro Door Mount but is not limited to that function
  • Six precision, sealed, no maintenance ball bearings allow for smooth pan and tilt
  • Quick height adjustment made easy
  • Black or silver anodised aluminium for strength, scratch resistance
  • The capacity to handle all telephoto lenses, including Nikon’s and Canon’s 800 mm lenses
  • Easy to disassemble for compact packing and travel
  • Maintenance-free; no lubrication needed
  • Individual parts are mechanically fixed together with no welding done on any part of the unit
  • All the components are assembled with special joints and high grade stainless steel screws
  • Lock and drag knobs allow for greater comfort and more controlled pan and tilt.
  • All machine grade Aluminium construction with no plastic or rubber that can break or deteriorate
  • All knobs are captive, so nothing can get lost.